How It Works

Custom face stickers how to

Our Product

Traced with precision by our sticker experts
 Printed on durable matte vinyl material with water proof inks
 Microwave and dishwasher safe
 Made in the USA (the heart of Long Island, NY to be exact) 

Our Mission

My Sticker Face believes that everyone, no matter their age, loves fun and unique stickers. By providing high quality custom stickers we can spread lots of smiles!

Our Story

The first StickerFace was born on a hot summer day in 2008. Our founder Mark Trafas was working in a sign shop out on Long Island, NY when he thought it would be fun/funny to make stickers of his face and stick them on his belongings and in other precarious locations. He quickly realized that this was a pretty great idea and made a website to begin selling his creation online.


About a year later, fellow sticker lover and graphic designer April Scarduzio, began working at aforementioned sign shop. She liked the idea and became one of My Sticker Face's biggest fans, buying sticker faces for her friends as gifts. Mark and April also started dating (ooh-la-la).


In 2010, Mark purchased his own equipment and began running the company out of his garage. By 2012, he outgrew the space and moved into a commercial production shop. During this time they worked on branding and development and said good-bye to a failed self-tracing system to welcome a mobile friendly site design (you live and you learn).

They also made a commercial!

In 2016, Mark and April got married and April began working on MSF full time. (You can read more about the transition in this local news article.)

Presently in 2020, My Sticker Face has moved into a larger production facility and the small knit team has welcomed two additional team members! All artwork, production, shipping, customer service, designing, and social mediaing is done in house by the team.

As a bootstrapped company, they plan to continue to grow the business slow and steady to ensure the sticker face experience stays top-notch for their amazing customers!


Have questions or concerns? Want to say hi, tell us how much you love stickers, collaborate? Email us anytime or Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

The My Sticker Face Team




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