Sticker Tips


  • Make sure the entire face of the pet/person is in the photo—ears included. It's best if the face is not too far away either!
  • Good consistent lighting on the face is best. Outdoor shots with natural light are ideal. A photo taken in an indoor space with lots of natural light will work also.
  • Try to avoid using a photo that has a yellow/orange tint on the face from lamps/bulbs.
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the view of the face (ex: pillow, tree branch, grass, etc)
  • Good photo resolution. Standard digital cameras and smartphones will work great! Check your photo's resolution by enlarging it to the sticker size you're ordering. Your photo will generally print the same way it looks at that size.
  • Straight on shots of the person/pet tend to look best.
  • Avoid taking a photo of a physical photo.
  • Avoid using pre-cut out faces. 

• If we think your photo will print too dark we will lighten it for you. We CANNOT photoshop things into or out of your photo.

• When leaving instructions of who to trace in a photo, avoid instructions like "Trace the third person from the left". Instead use physical descriptions like "Trace the man in the red shirt" or "Trace the little boy with brown curly hair".



• Heads are together and touching—this is key for multiple face stickers



• Avoid pre-cut faces. It makes it difficult for our team to trace the sticker with most of the photo missing. Upload the original photo and leave us detailed trace instructions when checking out for the best sticker results.


• Subject is not well-lit and is not fully in the frame creating a strange looking cat sticker :(

• Subject is far away from the frame and is dark creating a sad blobby sticker face :(

stickertips-05.jpg• The heads are not together creating a strange void
• Part of the head is cut-off creating a chinless sticker face :(