Photo Tips

Photo Tips for StickerFaces

1. GOOD LIGHTING - Good consistent lighting on the face is best. Outdoor shots with natural light are ideal. Photos taken indoors with lots of natural light works well also. Try to avoid using photos with poor lighting from yellow tinted lamps/light bulbs.


2. FACE POSITION - Straight on shots of the face tend to look best. Make sure the entire head of the pet/person is in the photo—top of head and ears included. Make sure nothing is obstructing the view of the face like pillows, grass, or other people.


3. MULTIPLE FACES - We can trace multiple heads in one sticker only if the faces are touching in the photo. When uploading a photo with multiple faces in it be sure to write clear Trace Instructions on who to trace by writing physical descriptions like "Trace the woman with dark wavy hair in black".


Additional Tips

• Do not upload pre-cut faces. Please upload the original photo.
• We cannot edit things into or out of your photo.
• Try to avoid photos where the person's hair is in a braid or pigtails. Typically these hairstyles are too thin to be cut into a sticker.
Good photo resolution is key! Check your photo's resolution by enlarging it to the sticker size you are ordering. Your photo will generally print the same way it looks at this size.

If you are still unsure if your photo will work well, please send us the image and someone from the team will review the photo and get back to you!