Birthday Pennant Banner

Birthday Pennant Banner

Posted by April on Sep 23, 2016

We've never done a DIY post before so we thought now would be the perfect time to start! September has some of the most birthdays so why not share this do it yourself birthday pennant banner featuring our new 1.75" Multi Sticker Sheet!

Let's begin!

What you need:
• 3 sheets of scrapbooking (12"x12") paper—we used this
• 1 1.75" Multi Sticker Sheet
• ruler
• paper cutter
• hole punch (we used a screwdriver though)
• pencil
• marker for drawing lettering on the banner
• compass or circle cutter for making 2.25" circles
• scissors
• jute twine
• glue

First take one of the sheets of paper, mark it halfway and cut it.

Take those two cut pieces, mark those in half as well, and cut.

You will now have four squares. Take each one and cut them diagonally from corner to corner.

As you probably noticed those eight triangles don't exactly look the correct shape. Here we kind of eyeballed it on the cutter and cut them down so they are less obtuse and more acute!

With another contrasting colored paper, cut it in half and begin drawing six 2.25" circles. Then cut the circles out.

Next repeat the beginning steps with the third piece of paper to create more triangles. Begin drawing whatever best suits your party and have fun with it! We're making ours for a first birthday party.

Grab your gluestick (or other preferred gluing method) and begin gluing the circles onto your contrasting triangle cutouts.

Now for the fun part! Take your sticker sheet and stick your sticker faces on the center of the circles.

Next punch holes into the top corners your cutouts. We (probably unsafely) punched holes with a screwdriver and wooden spool. A hole punch might be better preferred.

Cut off about an arm spans of twine and string the triangles so that the twine goes front to back into the right-hand hole, and back to front on the left. I kind of cheated and used my knitting needle for assistance.

With using the rough twine you can easily adjust space between the pennants once they are up and they won't slip!

And that's it!

What's so fun about this banner is that you can re-use them after the party! Replace their age with their names and it becomes a really fun room decoration!