DIY Printable Bouquet Wrap

DIY Printable Bouquet Wrap

Posted by April + Lindsay on May 04, 2018

Hey guys!

We have a simple quick DIY for you and it's perfect for this upcoming Mother's Day or any other flower giving occasion. 

Stripe Printable
11" x 8.5" Cardstock Paper
Duo Sampler Sheet
Hearts & Stars Stickers (optional)
Washi Tape or Scotch Tape

Step 1
Print out our striped printable on 11" x 8.5" cardstock and cut off the white triangle

Step 2
Stick tape along the cut edge and begin wrapping the paper from opposite the cut side corner to create a cone shape

Step 3
Sticker up the cone with your favorite face and additional heart and star stickers if desired

Step 4
Cut flower stems so they fit snuggly in the wrapper and you're ready to give away the best looking bouquet to your special someone!

We also tried this DIY with 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper and it worked great as well! For this version we didn't cut the corner off and we were able to wrap it into a cone shape and tape it nicely. 

Whichever bouquet wrapper you choose, we know the gift receiver will absolutely love it!