Get to know Sticker Lover, Toni Blake

Get to know Sticker Lover, Toni Blake

Posted by My Sticker Face on Nov 27, 2016

We recently had the chance to get to know the inspirational and funny, marketing expert, author, consultant and sticker lover, Toni Blake! Toni has been using sticker faces to improve her business for over three years now and we're so happy to share more about her and the in-depth details of how she uses stickers!

Introduce yourself

I have been speaking and touring in Multifamily Housing for 32 years. I travel to over 50 cities presenting live to over 15,000 people annually! I have a message that is very upbeat and humorous. I have enjoyed sharing happy face stickers with my audience for a very long time. Many people like to come to the stage after my program. I invite them to put a happy face sticker on the back of their phone to remind them to stay positive and always have a happy face. Now instead of the plain store bought stickers - I can share My Sticker Face! Thanks to this great product. People get to take my smiling face with them as a reminder to stay positive.

Have you always had a passion for public speaking? 

Yes, I starred in every school drama and even toured with an acting company when I graduated. I have been a platform speaker since 1984. Additionally, toured from 1992 – 1998 as a professional stand-up comedian presenting on some of the country infamous comedy stages. I have appeared on Evening at the Improve, Comic Relief, Laugh Factory and Comedy Underground.

Can you tell us more about your “laugh while you learn” approach?

If you are bored, you don’t listen. If you don’t hear what I am saying - why say it! Keeping an audience engaged is paramount to being able to change their mind and heart. My ultimate goal is to help people to make positive choices that assist them to live their best life. Humor is a powerful way to get people to lower their walls and let you in! It's the heart work that is the most impacting and comedy gives me that chance.

Did you have any influential mentors or did you learn by trial and error?

I had a few mentors. However, my core beliefs and personality were established very early in life. Being funny - sharing humor and being a “light” in the dark is something my mother says I did as even a small child. I never met a stranger and was always eager to make people smile.

How did you first find out about My Sticker Face?

I was searching for marketing ideas and found it with Google. I have shared this idea with thousands of people who love them!

What do you love most about your stickers?

I think that when you are working with a leasing agent to find a new place to live it is a critical decision. Even after a 30-minute visit, apartment communities can blur into unforgettable moments. When my clients use My Sticker Face on the apartment community floor plan and brochure it is a great memory association to make my clients Unforgettable! We have also used them for the service technician to leave behind with a note on a work order. It helps the staff to get to “know” the service team and like “Inspector 12”, the sticker is a seal of personal excellence. When a technician adds their face to the work order — it’s better than giving someone your word!!!! We also noticed more positive online reviews with properties who technicians use My Sticker Face on service requests.

What should people keep in mind when marketing?

Information is easy to forget, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, your sticker face is worth a million.

Where can people find out about you online?

I started a Kindness Challenge this year to share 35 weeks of fun ways to show kindness to the world. It is free and available at I am happy to continue to let my light shine and share my story and my face with people around the world reminding them always to stay positive & always have a happy face!

Personal note: I am a fan! I love this product! It is an amazing touch stone for my time with my audience. I also have it all over my equipment. One time I called a hotel to say that I had left my charging cord in a room. The person at lost and found laughed and said we have thousands of those. I responded “Yeah, but mine has my face on it”!!!! He located it and shipped it home to me that day!!!!