Sticker Faces Aren't Just For Fun

Sticker Faces Aren't Just For Fun

Posted by Ryan Withrow on Sep 29, 2016

How businesses are using My Sticker Face to keep customers longer.

As wonderful as it may be to enjoy small stickers of your OWN face, there are still other ways to utilize My Sticker Face in your everyday life. It’s because of this that, while I’m not sticking my own wonderful face on every Tapatio bottle I find here in Austin, I am able to use these amazing stickers to keep my customers and clients stoked about working together. Yes, you heard right, I have clients. Clients need gifts. Faces on stickers?

You see, with my company, we believe in one thing and that’s “Customer Love.” What better way to show a new client or customer that you absolutely love them than to give them stickers of their faces? I mean, what other businesses do such crazy awesome things in life?! Now I know that many other business owners or employees may read this and think to themselves, “We already send out gifts to everyone, though…” and while that’s all fine and dandy, are you really giving gifts that are unique in any way? Are you simply giving gift cards? How about wine? What about that 1-Year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club?

Take those normal and lame gifts and throw them in the office trash can, please.

In today’s business to consumer, or even business to business, world, there’s just TOO MUCH automation. We automate our emails, our transactions, our online chat teams… So don’t automate the gifts you give by giving the same stuff over and over in order to put smiles on the faces of people paying you. Be inventive! Be original! HAVE SOME FRIGGIN’ FUN!

In my experience, customers instantly build deeper relationships, greater rapport, more trust, and even better emotional connections to businesses when they feel special. Ever since finding My Sticker Face, it’s been my go-to for unique, interesting, and EXTREMELY well received gifts for all of my clients.

Business today is far different than business was years ago. Consumers and companies are looking to do business with those who stand out from the rest. So, do yourself and your company a favor, creep some social media, send the team at My Sticker Face a photo, and begin impressing your new customers and clients for years to come.

Ryan Withrow
Owner of Awesome Communication, LLC