Tips for Taking a Good Photo of Your Dog

Tips for Taking a Good Photo of Your Dog

Posted by My Sticker Face on Aug 25th 2019

If you're a dog owner, or even just a dog-lover that enjoys being around 'em, then I'm sure you've had your fair share of struggles trying to take the perfect picture of your favorite ani-pals. Some won't sit still. Some will look everywhere else in the world besides at your camera. Whatever the reason, capturing a good photo of your dog can be an arduous task that'll leave you disappointed and without a picture to show for any of it. But sometimes all it takes is knowing a few good tricks in order to get that sticker-worthy photo! 


Before you begin, scout out a location for your pup’s photoshoot. Try to find an area that has great natural light like near a window or door or by going outside. Natural lighting is ideal as their face will have the most natural coloring without harsh shadows or poor lighting from yellow tinted indoor lamps/lights. The above photo of Molly was taken in the office in-front of a window with a Pooch Selfie on our iPhone.


Some dogs are just too wired to stop what they're doing in their hectic lives and pose for a photo for you (kidding). If that happens to be the case, try taking the dog for a walk, or throw the ball around the backyard with them for a little bit! It won't take much to get them engaged in any activity, especially if you're the one insinuating it. The more that you interact with your dog, the more likely they will be waiting on your every move. Get that energy out of your ani-pal, and when you stop to take your photo, they'll probably be happy to take a breather and that's when you get the perfect picture.


Almost every dog we've ever known is food driven. It's not that they don't appreciate love and companionship, but what dog doesn't go bananas over their favorite treat!? Just let them know that you have something delicious in your hand and, once they notice, they'll be ready to do just about anything to get it. Hold it wherever you want them to look, snap the picture, and let them enjoy the treat as a reward for being a good pooch!


Maybe your dog isn't as obsessed with food as most are. But surely they must have a favorite toy of some kind. Before taking the photo, position the chosen dog toy right above the camera to capture that excited look in their eyes! If the toy happens to squeak, that'll be sure to grab their attention without having to try too hard. BTW: There's a great product that we fully encourage any dog owner to have especially if you love taking photos with and of your pup! The Pooch Selfie clips onto the top of your phone and there's a tennis ball attached to the top of it, so while you're trying to take a great shot of your pup, all they're seeing is a fun ball that they can't wait to get ahold of! You can find them on Amazon - link below.


If food or a dog toy just won't do the job, then try making some kind of noise to have them look your way! Try snapping your fingers, calling their name, or even a quick whistle should do the trick if your dog happens to respond more to noises. High pitches and low pitches seem to be the best at grabbing their attention (and giving them that adorable held-tilt we all love so much).


There's no use denying it; some dogs just don't want their picture taken, or some simply can't sit still long enough to take a carefully planned out photo. That's why in order to get the best shot of your dog, you have to be ready to take a picture at any moments notice! When you're feeling the itch to get a good shot of your dog, but not sure when or where your dog is going to cooperate, get your camera or phone in hand and be ready to snap a pic as soon as the moment arises. Sometimes the candid shots really are the best at capturing the essence of your dog!

We hope this helps you capture those perfect shots of your doggo! Now it's time to turn them into stickers!