Wedding Sticker Signature's

Wedding Sticker Signature's

Posted by April on Nov 03, 2016

Heya sticker lovers!

Here's a quick blog post for you! Mark and I recently got married a couple months ago (yay!) and of course we had to incorporate sticker faces into our wedding somehow. 

The best and memorable way we thought about doing this was waiting for our wedding photos to come in and making sticker faces from the best day ever and using them to sign our thank you cards!

Side note: We also wanted to take this time to give you a little sneak peek into the making of sticker faces. Every face (whether it be ours, yours, your dog's, cat's, or friends') is traced by either me or Mark to make your sticker experience totally custom. This is a little glimpse of our tracing process.

We chose to print our sticker faces at 0.75" size in booklet form. They are the perfect size and the booklet made them super convenient!

Hope this was insightful and inspires you to make some sticker faces to use as sticker signatures! They are sure to leave a lasting impression and are super fun!

The possibilities are endless!



Our wedding photos were taken by Aubree Lynn Photography