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How do I know if my photo is good enough?
Check out our Sticker Tips page for photo uploading tips and visual examples of photos.
Can I upload multiple faces on a sheet or booklet?
Our options for multiple faces per sticker sheet include our Multi Sticker Pack, Duo Sticker Booklet, Duo Sampler Sheet and 0.75" Duo Sticker Sheet.
Should I pre-trace out of my face?
We know you want to show off your face tracing skills but we prefer if we receive our photos not pre-traced. The best outcome of stickers is when we receive the original photo.

Can I see a preview/proof of my design before production?
To ensure the quickest production and delivery time, we do not send a preview before production. We completely stand by the quality of the product and design, so if for some reason you don’t absolutely love your stickers please let us know! 

Can I upload an image of my favorite sports team or company?
We recommend that you do not.

What if I want to order A LOT of sticker faces?
We have bulk discounts listed on each product listing. If you need more than 250 pieces please fill out our Custom Orders form.

Can I get custom sticker sheets for my business/event/store?
Yes! Visit our Custom Orders page and someone will get back to you with more information.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards: Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Discover. We also accept PayPal and ApplePay.

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What type of material are the stickers made on?
Our stickers are printed on premium matte vinyl. No paper stickers here!
Can sticker faces be removed?
Of course! Even though they will stick for years, sticker faces can be peeled off with a little effort. If by chance there is residue left behind try a little bit of adhesive remover.

Will your stickers hold up? / Are your stickers durable?
Our stickers are very durable. They are printed with the most durable inks onto matte finish vinyl. They will hold up inside and outside and will not wear down or scratch from normal usage. They also hold up in the dishwasher!

Can I stick these stickers...on my face?

Technically you can BUT we say to place them on your face or any other part of your body at your own risk. Our stickers are meant to last so we're not responsible for any allergic reactions, pulled skin, or strange tan lines.


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How big is the largest sticker in the world?
The largest sticker measures 209 ft 10 in x 417 ft 6 in with a total area of 87637.69 ft2 and was made by IGA Digital Printing for Samsung (China). It was displayed on the Zheng Jia Square Building in Guang Zhou, China, on 1 November 2010.
The building had a sticker on all four sides. For the record, only the largest sticker on one of the sides was measured.

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