Sticker Love: DIY Stickered Easter Eggs

Sticker Love: DIY Stickered Easter Eggs

Posted by My Sticker Face on Mar 28, 2018

Easter is around the corner and any excuse to play with stickers is good enough for us! 

Why not try something different this year by decorating those Easter Eggs with sticker faces?! 

Everyone will have a blast making them and they'll definitely be the topic of conversation during your Easter gathering!

We recommend using 0.75" and 0.5" sticker faces. 

Shop the options:

0.75" Sticker Sheet 

0.75" Duo Sticker Sheet

0.75" Duo Sticker Booklet

0.5" Sticker Sheet

PS. Every order comes with Stars & Hearts Stickers ;)

Time to get sticking!

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